Pizza stone Pepita


Used for thousands of years for cooking, clay is still today essential for cooking uniformly without oil or other fats, bringing out the natural flavours.
With PEPITA, in your home oven, you have the most antique form of cooking surface, for rediscovering genuine and natural flavours, for cooking easily and perfectly without the risk of burning.

Available models
Standard fireclay plate mm. 345×345 for 60 oven.
complete with wooden shovel and recipe book.
Giant fireclay plate mm. 570×356 for 90 oven.
complete with wooden shovel and recipe book

PEPITA, made of selected fire clay, dried and heated at 2400° F, is extremely resistant to temperature changes, scratches and breakage.

The particular channeled design accounts for its light weight and rapidity of heating.

It is its property to evenly heat, to absorb moisture, to cook without using fats, this being essential to obtain a perfect baking.

You can leave PEPITA in the oven thus saving valuable kitchen space.

Fire proof clay is a completely natural material. Therefore there may be differences in colour or small imperfections. Those however have no effect on its use.

Standard fireclay plate is perfect for pyrolytic ovens.

Instructions for use

Place PEPITA on the oven shelf, switch the oven on and wait until the correct temperature has been reached (40 min), than put the food inside.

Electric ovens take longer the heat up and in some cases, during baking, it would be better to switch off the upper resistance.

Do not use oils or other fats on PEPITA.

Compare to metal surface, baking times and temperature with PEPITA may vary. If you exceed maximum baking times there will probably be no burning smells but the food will just be crispier.

You can use PEPITA also for foods you generally use for baking tray with no risk of burning and perfect result.

To put in and take out your food, always use a sheet of oven paper on your baking shovel. This will also help you moving the food in and out your oven and will avoid cleaning problems.

Any eventual cooking residuals can be eliminated with a spatula or knife. For a more complete cleaning, heat lightly PEPITA in the oven and clean with an abrasive pad rinsing, well afterwards with warm water.

With use PEPITA will eventually darken but its characteristics remain unalterated.

Do not put it in the dishwasher and do not use cleaning soap.